Swiss Type Machining Capabilities

Precision CNC Swiss machining solutions are our speciality at Kager Industries. Through the use of the most available technology and personalized service, Kager is an industry leader in swiss type machining. Completely CNC and with a capacity from .010” of an inch to .750” bar stock, our capabilities are clearly specialized to meet your specifications.

We extend our capabilities to accommodate any orders from large production to small business orders ranging from a span of 5 pieces expanding to industrial size orders as large as 10 million pieces.


Kager Industries is an innovator in the manufacturing of your prototyping products.

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Kager Industries is the answer to your design challenges.

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Zone Annealing

At Kager Industries, we provide small-part annealing and zone annealing for C173 beryllium-copper and brass alloys.

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Laser Engraving

Kager Industries’ high-powered fiber laser is a revolutionary system capable of delivering attractive, light etching or deep, permanent markings for components.

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Kager’s ASTM-A967-compliant citric passivation process does not use harsh chemicals and still lends remarkable durability to stainless surfaces.

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Kager’s ASTM-A967-compliant citric passivation process does not use harsh chemicals and still lends remarkable durability to stainless surfaces.

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Heat Treating

As part of our CNC processes, Kager offers heat treatment for 17-4 PH and beryllium copper C173 alloys.

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Tumble Blasting

As part of our turnkey machining and tooling expertise, we provide tumble-blasting services that meet a variety of manufacturing and finishing requirements.

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Our excellent quality control team adheres to the strictest measures to assure that we continue to provide the best products with the fastest turnaround. Kager Industries is deadline driven and expedites each individual order with commitment. We have the CNC Swiss machining capabilities for overnight orders, depending on the complexity of the part and the quantity to be shipped and our standard turnaround exceeds all industry standards.

We are here to serve you and strive daily to build upon our reputation. Kager considers every order a personal obligation. We perform all of our own machine maintenance and repair on site, ruling out unnecessary delays in production.

Our years of expertise and knowledge have fostered the diversity of our products and the industries we serve. Equipped with 72 Swiss automatic machines of the highest quality, we continually upgrade our CNC Swiss machinging equipment to all CNC Cincom citizens Swiss automatic lathes and other CNC machining centers.

Aluminum 2011, 2024, 6061, 7075 0.010" to 0.750" Diameter
Brass C360, C53, C464
Copper C145, C544, C792, C97
Plastic Acetal, Delrin, Peek, Kel-F, Ultem
Stainless steel 303, 304, 316, 416, 430F, 17-4PH
Steel 12L14, 1018, 4140, 1215

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